All Diedre wanted was a fun summer at camp. What she got was out of this world!
When Diedre sees a spaceship from her bedroom window, she realizes her summer might not be boring after all. But when aliens abduct her, she has no idea her extraterrestrial adventure has only just begun!
The aliens are on the verge of another great battle with the people of Mobila. Will Diedre be on the menu for their pre-fighting feast? Before she can come up with the plan, it’s Mobilans to the rescue!
Her rescuers have been charged with bringing Diedre before the Queen of Mobila, Theodora. Diedre can hardly believe her ears when the queen tells Diedre she needs to lead them into battle. ‘Our only hope is contained in you, Great One.’ Will Diedre take on this dangerous mission? Will the secrets in her family’s history help her decide?
Explore the galaxy with Diedre and discover what heart-pounding adventures follow the Alien Attack!



“Alien Attack actually came from a story I made in 3rd grade called ‘Eliot’s summer’,” says Lily Saki. She describes the story as an undeveloped story of a young girl called Eliot who during the summer had adventures throughout her neighborhood. “It wasn’t a very good story so I wanted to upgrade it to make it better,” she adds. Though Alien Attack evolved from Eliot’s summer, its plot has almost nothing in common. Both stories though, have female characters that are curious and strong willed. The rest however is all different. “After I started writing Alien Attack, I got a new idea after new idea and and it changed the plot,” says Lily Saki. All together Alien Attack is a must read! Not convinced? Check out the reviews!


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